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When a person dies their financial affairs have to be dealt with, irrespective of whether or not they left a Will. This can be an extremely difficult and distressing time and our specialist team of Probate Lawyers have the experience, skill and understanding to take the pressure from you. We will help you understand the terms of any Will and explain what needs to happen next. We will also help you through the process of what to do if someone dies without a Will (Intestacy).

Our Expertise

  • Probate Services

    Depending upon the size and nature of the Estate it may be necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate, a formal document issued by the Court and authorising those named in it to deal with the administration of the Estate. Our service includes corresponding with financial institutions, applying for the Grant of Probate and liaising with HM Revenue & Customs in respect of all taxation matters. Our Residential Property Team will be able to assist with the sale of any property in the Estate and we can also attend to the sale or transfer of any other assets and pay all liabilities before arranging the distribution of the Estate to the Beneficiaries.

  • Estate Administration

    As the Personal Representative of an Estate you have the responsibility for its administration. This means working out the value of the Estate, paying all debts and distributing the balance. At North Ainley we can support you on each step of the way and offer particular advice if there are any international aspects to the deceased’s affairs or if any Trusts need to be established to give effect to the terms of the Will.

  • Questioning the Validity of a Will

    There are a number of legal grounds upon which a Will could be challenged, including where it has not been signed or witnessed correctly, where there is some suggestion that the person making the Will did not have the mental capacity to understand what he or she was doing, or if there is some suggestion that the person making the Will was put under undue pressure from a third party to make provision in their favour. Whether or not the particular circumstances would render the Will invalid is a matter that we can provide expert advice upon.

  • Contested Trusts & Probate

    An individual can bring a claim against an Estate under the Inheritance Act if they believe that adequate financial provision has not been made for them in a Will. Whether or not such a claim will succeed depends upon a number of factors, including the respective needs of the Claimant and the other Beneficiaries and the size of the Estate. Claims can also arise where there have been agreements regarding property made prior to the death of an individual or where terms used in a home-made Will are vague or ambiguous.

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